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It’s a funny time of the year with the remnants of summer’s warm weather still delighting us but there is also a subtle change of season in the air as well. Your skin has had a summer of sun, and for many of you there has been travel, visitors, a swag of public holidays and kids at home to deal with. All this plays havoc with your skincare routines.

Now things are almost back to normal, it is time to treat yourself to some pampering and get your skin looking it’s best again. To help you (or simply tempt you), I have conjured up a few treatment and product packages that will not only have your skin feeling fantastic but also have you looking appreciably younger. It’s all about reviving your skin after the summer silly season and leaving it in the best condition ever.

As you can understand, I can’t maintain these special offers for very long as the value they provide is aimed at tempting VIP clients like yourself to try things you haven’t experienced before. So, book TODAY and reserve your appointment to ensure you don’t miss out!

I have always advocated that every customer should have their skin analysed and have a home care / treatment plan produced each change of season. As we age and the weather along with our activity changes, we need to adjust the way we care and maintain our skincare. I offer a personalised skin assessment and plan for all customers. We are on  your skin journey together.

Looking forward to seeing you in the clinic again soon,

Yours in beauty
Beth xxx

So, You Want a Plan for Your Skin?

The Summer months can really wreak havoc with our skin. Too much of the wrong foods and alcohol along with extra sun exposure can negatively affect our skin’s condition.

It’s time to do something about it!
It’s time to have your skin looking years younger, brighter and firmer.
This is the package that will get those results:

  • 2 x Mild Lactic Peels
  • 1 x Dermafrac Needling Procedure
  • 1 x Mesotherapy Needling Treatment
  • 2 x Vitamin A Infusion Peels

PlusOnly $950

  • A full size Juvenate Cleanser
  • A full size Juvenate 4D B- Hydrate Serum
  • A full size Cosmedix Refine Vitamin A
  • A full size Aspect Dr. Resveratrol

There is over $900 worth of treatments and over $350 of products in this amazing value package. I am offering just 10 of these unbelievable results driven packages for just $950.

Skin Mathematics!!

3 x the Treatment = Triple the Result + Huge Savings

Deal 1.

1 x AHA Lactic Peels = $109
3 x AHA Lactic Peels = $250
Save $73

Deal 2.

1 x Hydrabrasion Deep Cleansing Facial = $120
3 x Hydrabrasion deep Cleansing Facials = $300
Save $60

Deal 3.

1 x Vitamin A Infusion Facial = $220
3 x Vitamin A Infusion Facial = $590
Save $70

Deal 4.

1 x Dermafrac Skin Needling = $250
3 x Dermafrac Skin Needling = $599
Save $90

Deal 5.

1 x LED Light Therapy Treatment = $30
3 x LED Light Therapy Treatment = $60
Save $30

“It’s Your Turn Now” Facial

The ultimate treat for hard working mums.

beauty salon specialIncludes

  • An indulgent facial with specialised serum infusion,
  • Triple eye treatment
  • Day makeup application

PLUS you’ll get a $10 voucher towards your next treatment!
Yes please! 

Only $199

FREE Teaser Facial

Keen to get started on Active skin care and don’t know where to start?

Aspect Dr ABC Kit is a great option. This kit includes your Deep cleanser, Serums Vit A, Multi B and Active C plus  Reveratrol Moisturiser.

Purchase a Aspect Dr ABC Kit for $197.50 and receive a
FREE 30 minute Aspect Dr Teaser facial.

Derma Delight

Back by popular demand! 

Derma Pen with PRP is a holistic approach to skin therapy. The tiny needles of the Derma Pen allow channels for the delivery of growth factors from the PRP treatment to penetrate into the cell building layers of the skin.

Basically, we draw your own blood and separate the Platelet Rich Plasma in a centrifuge. Platelets are then removed and reintroduced into the skin after a dermal needling treatment that creates channels for the platelet entry.

The platelets deliver vital Growth Factors that stimulate new collagen production. This collagen production leads to a healthier turnover of skin cells to give a far younger, more radiant, firmer and healthier skin that is visibly improved.

This program is the perfect solution for skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation.

PRP is 100% your own cells and therefore there is no risk of allergy or rejection with minimal discomfort and very little down time.

This treatment is great for the following areas:

  • Full Face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Scalp and
  • Back of the hands.

The results speak for themselves.

Normally $750, for a limited time only $650
Includes Dermapen treatment with one tube of PRP

Pre pay 3 treatments for $1850, save $150 and receive a free Post care Kit Valued at $130. A total saving of $280. 

Revitalash now available at Pour Moi


Please contact me to find out more or to take advantage of these great offers.

Yours in Beauty
Beth xxx