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Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter

It has been a crazy start to the year with COVID-19 lockdowns, along with a number of public holidays, and now before we know it Easter is on our doorstep.

Most of us have realised during these challenging times the importance of looking ourselves. This newsletter is an attempt to offer you some great options to do just that.

We have options that aim to revitalise, repair and rejuvenate your skin after the rigours of sun and summer. We have some post summer skin recovery ideas, a treatment offer for those who suffer from redness and vascular conditions and treatments for anyone who wants to improve the look of their hands!

As usual, keep an eye on my social media as well because I am regularly placing special deals for followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Please keep safe, be kind to each other and I am available if you need me for advice or just a chat. Can’t wait to see you in the clinic again soon.
Yours in beauty
Beth xxx


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For all those special occasions or just a great way to say Thanks!

I have a range of Gift Voucher options just perfect for any gift giving occasion. Whether it’s a birthday treat, an anniversary to celebrate, a special thank you, looking after others or just to be nice – my gift vouchers can be designed to suit both men and women no matter what your gift giving budget is.

Simply enquire at the salon or phone us on 479 5346, give your credit card details and I will send out a beautifully presented gift certificate. It can’t get any easier!


Your Autumn “Can’t Go Without!”
Ultra Pampering Facial Deal,

Seriously there is so much extra value in this treatment – You would be crazy not to try it!

Start with:

  • A full Post Summer skin analysis to determine exactly where you should be heading with your skincare.
  • The most re-invigorating skin cleanse and exfoliation utilising an amazing Enzyme Peel to gently but thoroughly clean and buff away dead skin, grime and excess oil.
  • A refreshing and revitalising hydration boosting facial using advanced hyaluron serums incorporated into a specialised infusion mask and expertly massaged into your skin.
  • Whilst all of this pampering is happening your hands will receive a smoothing and softening AHA exfoliating treatment before a sensationally relaxing hand massage using a high potency vitamin enriched hand cream.

This is amazing value for such a delightful treatment. But best of all your skin will look and feel amazing!
Over $270 Value for just $159!

Call today to reserve and appointment time as this treatment can only be offered for a limited time.


Juvenate D.I.Y. Facial Kits – The ideal solution for any future lockdowns!

Your home facial kit has everything you need to do a skin revitalising facial at home – YOURSELF!

This amazing kit includes: 

  • Revitalising cleanser
  • B Hydrated serum
  • Depigment serum
  • Transdermal delivery mask

All for just $125 – $139

You should get 3 – 5 facials from the kit.
PLUS – With every kit sold I will do a FREE Lash Tint and Brow Tint ,Valued at 

Blood Vessel Reduction

You don’t have to live with red, ruddy, vascular cheeks, nose or chin. I have wonderful, easy solutions that deliver outstanding results quickly and easily.

  • 2 x Half Face IPL for Vascular Conditions
  • 1 x B Hydrated Serum
  • 1 x RAD Sunscreen

No longer will you need to hide your redness under layers of make-up.

ONLY $350 for the first 15 clients 
There’s over $500 worth of value in this amazing package.

Call me TODAY to find out more.

Youthful Looking Hands can be YOURS again!

How’s this for an incredible package to transform your hands from aged, pigmented, blotchy to smooth and even coloured.

You receive:

  •  2 x Skin smoothing and ultra – hydrating Lactic Peels
  • 2 x Colour Correcting IPL Pigment Sessions
  • 1 x Environ Super Nourishing Hand Cream
  • 1 x RAD Sunscreen

ONLY $350 for the first 15 clients.
There’s over $500 worth of value in this amazing package

Take your hands to the next level with Radiesse Filler

Take your hand anti-aging results to the next level by adding filler to stimulate collagen growth and correcting volume loss on your hands.

ADD Radiesse Filler for $600

LED Light Therapy at home

LED Light Therapy is the NEW Beauty Revelation that is taking the world by storm.

When your skin is exposed to very specific light wavelengths it has the ability to speed up cellular turnover, decrease healing times in wounds, help with lines and wrinkles by stimulating the production of new collagen, is a brilliant way of controlling Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema, improve acne conditions, decrease redness and provide a wonderful sense of wellbeing and calmness.

NOW – You can have your very own MY LED LIGHT UNIT at home.

These amazing systems allow you to treat your skin with the incredible power of LED Light conveniently in the privacy of your own home. A fantastic modality to compliment therapist prescribed skincare and in-salon treatments and maintain healthy skin throughout the year. There are a limited number of units available for sale – Don’t Miss Out!

ONLY $1499

Your Post Summer Recovery Package – Everyone Needs This!

Everything you need to renew, reinvigorate and restore you skin after a summer of sun and fun.

  • 1 x B – Hydrated Hydrating Serum
  • 2 x Skin Smoothing Enzyme Peel
  • 1 x Vitamin A infusion
  • 3 x LED
  • 3 x Rosactive Hydrating Sheet Mask for post treatment recovery

Yours for Just $499
There’s over $650 in products and superb treatments in this package.

Unsightly Skin Tags Gone Forever!

Skin tags and a variety of Skin Lesions can be erased quickly and easily.

Get rid of those annoying skin tags with a simple Lamprobe session. The lesion is cauterised as it is removed so there is no bleeding and no post treatment problems.

Initial Lesion $25, Each additional lesion now just $10 each!
Huge savings – Fast and easy permanent erasure of skin lesions.

Yours in Beauty
beth-cardale beauty

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Please contact me to find out more or to take advantage of these great offers.

Please Note: Offers valid until 30 April 2021 unless otherwise specified or while stocks last.
Not available in conjunction with other offers.