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Pour Moi Skin and Beauty offers you a range of Appearance Medicine and Skin treatments that are proven to be safe, effective, affordable and with minimal or no down time from a private clinic on Auckland’s North Shore.

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Botox® is a fantastic treatment for helping to soften lines and wrinkles. It is commonly used to treat in-between the eyebrows, around the outer eye area, as well as to treat forehead lines.


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dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to soften and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. They are used for shaping of the lips, cheek and chin to produce a “liquid face lift” through volumising.


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platelet rich plasma

PRP is an all-natural treatment that delivers fantastic results to the complexion by stimulating the production of new skin cells deep within the skin.


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skin needling/dermapen

Skin Needling/Dermapen is rapidly becoming the most sought after appearance medicine treatment for anti-aging prevention as well as the reversal of the visible signs of aging.


Do you want a radiant complexion and glowing beauty simply and effectively?
Beth Cardale is a North shore appearance medicine clinician and skin therapist Auckland sees for beauty treatments to look good and feel better.


Are you looking for non-invasive aesthetic enhancements without drastic changes in your appearance and with little or no downtime?

From appearance medicine skin treatments to beauty therapy Beth provides a complete skin solution on the North Shore.
Beth is professionally trained and skilled in cosmetic and appearance medicine for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, red veins and damaged skin.

Appearance Medicine

We can offer you solutions that help with…

Softening fine lines and wrinkles  (BOTOX® Dysport, Xeomin)
Replacement of volume loss in the cheeks and lips (Dermal Fillers)
Rejuvenate crepey, tired, dehydrated skin (PRP)
Rejuvenate skin with enlarged pores and scaring (Medical Dermapen/ Dermal rolling)
Maintain a healthy looking skin thru skin treatments and skincare products.

You can be confident that you are in the gentle, capable and experienced hands of a Registered Nurse and Qualified Aesthetician.

A thorough skin assessment is a regular part of your treatment. We will start with a confidential initial consultation to discuss your skin concerns, skin goals and treatment options to help you achieve your goal. You will be provided with a list of home care recommendations. Together we will work out a plan and start your journey to getting you looking and feeling your best.

Our aim is to provide you with outstanding results using a combination of medical grade treatments and products perfect for your unique requirement.

Before Botox
Before Botox

2 weeks after Botox
2 weeks after Botox

Before Botox 2
Before Botox

After Botox 2
After Botox

Before Botox of Crow’s Feet

After Botox of Crow’s Feet

Before Hand Filler Treatment

After Hand Filler Treatment

Before Botox 3
Before Botox frown & forehead

After Botox 3
After Botox frown & forehead

Before PRP
Before PRP

After PRP
After PRP

Before Eyes PRP
Before eyes PRP

After Eyes PRP
After eyes PRP

Dermafrac Before

Before Fine line Lip Filler

Dermafrac After

After Fine line Lip Filler

Before Lip Filler

After Lip Filler

Before Lip Filler

After Lip Filler

Before and after Scar Reduction
Hand Rejuvenation
Before and After IPL Pigment Reduction

Before and After IPL Pigment Reduction

Before and after Aquagold
Before and after Dermamelan
Before and After Dermamelan
Scar reduction with Dermapen

 Not sure which skincare and beauty therapy treatments are right for you?

Choosing the right skin treatment options can be confusing which is why a consultation with an experienced Auckland beauty therapist is so important.
During your consultation Beth will work with you to tailor the correct skin treatments and beauty products for your skincare regimen.
She will also provide detailed recommendations for any ongoing treatments you may want.

Also available at Pour Moi…

eye treatments

Eye Treatments


Juvenate Skin Care

hair removal

Hair Removal

Bella Vi Cosmetics


Not sure where to go for cosmetic and appearance medicine treatments that will enhance, beautify and leave you feeling great?

See Beth at Pour Moi on the North Shore. Whether you are concerned with the fine lines and wrinkles of aging, brown spots, spider veins, dry skin, acne or want beautifully shaped eyebrows, smooth legs or gorgeous fingernails and toes, Beth will provide the beauty therapy treatments that will have you feeling and looking your best.

For a consultation with an Auckland appearance medicine guru and skin specialist call Beth today on 09 479 5346 or

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