Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

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Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

With the summer season peeping just around the corner, we imagine long sunny days spent doing outdoors activities.

Warmer humid conditions create a different demand on our skin. Products used in the winter may be too thick and too sticky for the summer months. Similarly, we tend to expose more body part to the elements, this could mean sun burn, dryness, excess thick skin builds up. We therefore we need to have a quick look at how we look after our skin and make some changes to help keep our skin looking and feeling great. Something we can be proud to show off when wearing shorter hem lines and spaghetti straps and sandals.

  • Sun protection Factor- a must for everyone  year-round but it must applied more consciously and more liberally in the Summer. Don’t be fooled by the higher SPF numbers in the bottle. It is equally important to apply the right amount (a teaspoon per area), at the right time (half hour before sun exposure) and re applied every 2 hours. Cheat with summer glow by using tanning lotions instead of sun bathing or sun beds (a NO NO!) , it is safer and keeps you looking healthier for longer
  • Moisturise– heat induces more water evaporation, coupled with increased outdoors activities leaves the skin drier and rough. Choose a lighter moisturiser applied regularly onto your skin. Moisturiser not only offer ingredients that give suppleness and luxurious feel to the skin, it also prevents moisture evaporation.
  • Keep hydrated– all cells in your body function better when well hydrated. Cells communicate better, heals better and toxins are flushed out of your body more efficiently. We need to replace fluid loss from the heat, humidity and sweating. Have a drink within easy access. Going a few steps further than you need to is just a step too many when you are hot and bothered. Have a slice of lemon, mint or cucumber in your drink to make it more exciting in your palette and more attractive with your eyes.
  • Exfoliate Face, body and don’t forget your feet– a build-up of thick, dry skin is only attractive on Alligators. Use exfoliating gloves for your body and fruit enzymes for your face to keep the skin glowing in the summer months.
  • Make up– lighter mineral based make up is not only easier to apply, it also offer an extra layer of sun protection. True mineral make- up is also healing as well as provide good coverage without clogging your pores.
  • Facial Treatment- a visit from your skin therapist can offer an extra layer of  protection using products that  exfoliates dead skin cells and adding an  infusion of vitamins and anti oxidants into your skin will also help arm your skin with Armour of protection against the summer Sun.

Have a wonderful and fun filled Summer ,