Don’t Forget Your Hands


Did you know:
•95% of women believe that wrinkled, lined or rough hands can make a person appear older
•88% of women wish their hands were smoother
•87% of women wish their hands looked younger.
Appealing hands
Over time, the plump layer of tissue on the back of your hands diminishes, allowing veins and tendons to become more visible. Choose RADIESSE, a calcium based dermal filler that reduces the appearance of veins,wrinkling and tendons in hands. RADIESSE’s unique collagen boosting properties make this much longer lasting filler with a  longevity of 9 to 12 months.
  • Volume Loss- RADIESSE restores volume to the back of the hands, making veins and tendons less visible.
  • Lines- RADIESSE can be used to plump up the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and lines.
  • Age Spots-Skin-lightening creams can help to cover age spots or other marks. Laser therapy and chemical peeling are further options if pigmentation problems are more pronounced.
If you feel your hands could look and feel softer and more cared for, now is the time. Thanks to the latest advances in aesthetic technology, taking care of your hands couldn’t be easier. BOOK NOW